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Closing Period n Fast-breaking at Stichting Jogja, June 22nd 2017

Thank you for coming to Stichting Jogja’s June 2017 Closing Period and thank you for making it special.

Fast-Breaking at Stichting (with Ursula Becker)

we had another gathering, the 2nd fast-breaking with d students and staff 🙂

Student Project_Mariobross 1

Mario Bros 1

Closing Period & Open House December 2016

Prawirotaman Elementary School

After a year finished our project at the Prawirotaman Elemetary School, volunteers wrote their opinions/ evaluations about the program. Anita Widowati Meitriva Permatasari Alin Prisnasari Bella S Priastuti Ananda Hermina Rustam (Nandha) Arnie Perwita

TESTIMONY: Arnie Perwitasari

In my opinion, after 1 year joining the Stichting project. I think this project is very useful to the students at Prawirotaman Elementary School. I think it is because there is no English project at the school. In this project I have learned many things about method education and about the teaching. I also learned...

TESTIMONY: Ananda Hermina Rustam

The Opinion About The Project (SD Prawirotaman) When the first time I came to the class,I felt awkward because on August till September I didn’t join the class because I had a job training in Prambanan Temple as a Guide. After I finished my Job Training, I joint in fourth class and I felt it...

TESTIMONY: Bella Sakti Priastuti

Stichting has a great project, that is providing free English course for students in one of schools in Jogja. I’ve been participating the project for almost two years. During the last year in the school, I felt some positive vibes. I love teaching. For me ‘teaching’ is not always teaching, but also sharing and learning...

TESTIMONY: Alin Prisnasari

Hi! My name is Alin Prisnasari, and people usually call me Alin. I am one of the volunteer teachers in Stichting’s project, and this my testimony about the project. Another year for the project has passed, I found that it is keeps help me improving my public speaking as well as handling various yet unexpected...

TESTIMONY : Meitriva Permatasari

My opinion after 1 year joining the project, I know how a teacher teach the student and I appreciate it. The students aren’t easy to learn. They still regard as study isn’t fun. At the first time, I teach in Prawirotaman. I was so sad, because my student didn’t listen another person and taught that...

TESTIMONY: Anita Widowati

My opinion after 1 year joining the project, I feel happy because I can help people to learn English with my knowledge that I got from stichting. This project also help me to improve my English skill and to increase my experience as volunteer  (teacher). From the project I learn how to handle my temper...


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