My opinion after 1 year joining the project, I know how a teacher teach the student and I appreciate it. The students aren’t easy to learn. They still regard as study isn’t fun. At the first time, I teach in Prawirotaman. I was so sad, because my student didn’t listen another person and taught that English wasn’t important to their life. Now, I am so proud of them and happy. Because now they love English and listen another person.
From this project I have learned what I should do as a teacher in elementary school . I have learned how to make the student love to English.
I think their weakness is easy to forget the vocabulary and difficult to write in English. So next time, I should make them remember word with exciting games or maybe I will repeat the material until 1 month or until they memorize it. For example: If we study about part of body. I will repeat and make game around it until 1 month or until they can memorize it.