Hi! My name is Alin Prisnasari, and people usually call me Alin. I am one of the volunteer teachers in Stichting’s project, and this my testimony about the project.

Another year for the project has passed, I found that it is keeps help me improving my public speaking as well as handling various yet unexpected situations with the children. Through the project, I, myself have a chance to be one of the volunteer teachers and it is a great opportunity because I can share my knowledge and my experience as a college student and Stichting student. Moreover, this project is aimed to provide free English course so it is very helpful for the society, especially for Yogyakarta.

Through the project, I have learned how to handle the children which is challenging yet addicting because being a friend as well as a teacher is uneasy. The children help me to be more patient, because who can judge the children? They are brave, free, energetic, and active like a kid in common, that is the reason why I should adjust to them and control my temper. Moreover, my observing skill has also improved because in some case I have to look on the children mood and the teaching plan suddenly can be changed if their mood is unfit. That is why I should know their mood through their face and gesture which is challenging yet remembering. Those are the plus points I got from the project.

However there always be something need to be improved in the project. This project is involving not only internal part of the Stichting teams especially the volunteers but also external part of the project especially the elementary school, so the coordination between two is the key. For the internal part, I hope the team will be solid as it is before and be well-prepared for the materials given to the children. While for the external part, I expect that the elementary school is also monitoring the teaching and learning activity so that the atmosphere can be more conducive. In the future, I hope that the project will be continued because the project is one of the key to spread spirit of fun English learning through the children. Matur nuwun, thank you!