The Opinion About The Project (SD Prawirotaman)

When the first time I came to the class,I felt awkward because on August till September I didn’t join the class because I had a job training in Prambanan Temple as a Guide. After I finished my Job Training, I joint in fourth class and I felt it help me improving my skill. Actually I didn’t have any skill to teach or to be a teacher but I am a patience person and it made me more confidence and as time goes by it is fun although sometimes I got stressed because of the naughty students but I love them.

It is not a short time, I have learned many things. First, I learned how to be more patience to face the naughty students. I can learn how to teach and how to be a teacher. It can be my skill for the future. It is also my experience as a volunteer (teacher). I learned how to handle the children and I can be close to them. it is a meaningful project for me.

The things that need to be improved are how to deliver the material to the student because they are really hard to remember or to catch the vocabulary. So I have to try something to make them easy to remember or to catch the material, for example, doing games.