Stichting has a great project, that is providing free English course for students in one of schools in Jogja. I’ve been participating the project for almost two years. During the last year in the school, I felt some positive vibes. I love teaching. For me ‘teaching’ is not always teaching, but also sharing and learning at the same time. This is a great opportunity to be a volunteer as a teacher.

One and a half years is not a short time to teach the students. I meet them every Saturday for almost two years. Hence, I’ve learned so many things there. I’ve learned how to deal with the students, and how to control myself. I’ve learned not only to be a good teacher but also a good friend for them.

For the upcoming project, I think that there should be some improvements. I think that each teacher should be able to handle the students by their selves. Teachers should be more flexible and more innovative, if there is no preparations teachers are supposed to handle the students. For the project, I hope Stichting could expand this project to another schools. Moreover, there will be more students may get this great opportunity.